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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>> also ahead plans to partially reopen the planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs where three people were shot and killed two months ago. >> and what chipotle blames for some of the outbreaks at its restaurants last year next on 9news. >> this is 9news. the denver broncos are home with the lombardi trophy. the team flew back to denver this afternoon on a charter flight landing just before 4:00 this afternoon. at the airport. >> reporter: your world home. they arrived just before 4:00 here at dia now headed to dove valley to celebrate a big win. the broncos united in orange plane touched down and the dia firefighters greeted them with a water arch. the plane taxied and the pilot slid open the window waving that orange flag proudly as the crowd cleared for their 2015
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coach kubiak and the team all smiles walking off that plane from san jose, california, cheered on by dozens of united airlines employees and their families from the final down till this moment, the celebrations have not stopped. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: plenty of questions surrounding what the broncos will do during offseason, but as of right now everybody is just happy they're home, happy to have the lombardi trophy in denver. at dia i'm ryan haarer, 9news. >> sky9 followed the team buses from dia to uchealth training center, aka dove valley where they got a very warm welcome home reception. 9news reporter steve staeger is there. steve? >> reporter: hi. we were right outside the dove valley parking lot where those buses came in maybe 10 minutes ago and ever since then players have started to pull out. in fact, it was pretty cool not too long ago wade phillips and his wife, i believe, pulled out. they had their windows open
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and a couple players we haven't quite been able to make out from over here were doing about the same. i was telling my photographer adam vance a second ago this is what i like to call a happy traffic jam. people are stopped here on the road and when they see the players turning out, three got phones out. they stopped traffic. you can see about 100 or more fans gathered right outside waiting for these players to come through and give high fives. it does not seem like the players mind slowing down. a lot of them are shooting video of the fans, so this is all part of 1 big memory of a super bowl they'll never forget. >> a preview of tomorrow. so take those 100 or so people and multiply that by 1,000 or so and maybe the players will get a pretty good idea what to expect tomorrow at the parade. >> reporter: they're
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>> the parade wave. thanks, steve. there will be a lot more waving tomorrow as hundreds of thousands of bronco fans are expected to flood the streets in downtown denver for the super bowl pa raid. it is the city's job -- parade. it is the city's job to make sure it all runs smoothly. this takes a lot of planning. >> reporter: it takes a lot of planning, mark. i talked to police today. they said one of the difficult parts of their jobs is planning for something when they don't know exactly how many people are going to show up, but they say they have a plan and they're going to be ready for tomorrow. now the festival officially kicks off tomorrow at 10:00, though police say you can expect to see street closures surrounding the parade as early as tonight. you can also expect a large police presence down here throughout the parade. they said they don't know how many officers they'll have to duty. when it comes to the fans, police say don't bring thing like folding chair, backpacks,
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of course, alcohol and marijuana is also not allowed. those things they're counting on the crowd to help them out with. they say maintaining a family atmosphere is something they'll be looking to the paradegoers to help them secure. >> the community can really help us maintain a safe environment as well. we ask if anyone sees anything suspicious, to please report it to us and let an officer check it out. we really encourage people to say something if they see something. >> reporter: now one of the benefits police have in this case, they say denver is no stranger to championship parades such as this. so they can kind of look at lift and learn what works and doesn't -- history and learn what works and doesn't work. we have a list of things you can and can't bring on >> the crowd has been very well
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we have seen videos the next morning in super bowl cities including our own with the next morning in crisis and that has not been the case this year. >> reporter: exactly. even looking at last night police say crowds handled that a lot better than what they're expecting. so they're hoping with it being more of a family environment today, they're hoping for a better outcome. >> a lot of people there. thanks, nick. the parade kicks off at noon in lodo at 17th and wynkoop and head down 17th and veer right at broadway ending at civic center park across from the denver city and county building and then a rally at 1 p.m. if you can't make it, you can watch the entire thing from beginning to end right here on at 10:00. we will be on the air until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon and also be streaming coverage on the planned parenthood
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in a shooting two months ago is the colorado springs planned parenthood will open with limited staff next monday. the people it serves in the springs have had to travel long distances to get their birth control, screenings and simple wellness exams. planned parenthood is opening part of the building while the other part is under repair. the organization is assessing security procedures at clinics now across the country. >> people should not have to go into a fortress to access their healthcare and we want to be accessible. we want to be open to our community and we also want to know that when you're inside that building, you're safe and secure and you get nothing but high quality care. >> planned parenthood says for now only half the staff will go back to work in the limited space that has been repaired.
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reopen -- should reopen later this year. the man charged with killing three people admits he did it. a judge ordered him to get a mental evaluation. chipotle is blaming sick employees for two norovirus outbreaks experienced last year. the denver-based chain closed all of its restaurants a few hours today to discuss food safety with employees. the condition says tomatoes are the likely culprit behind the salmonella outbreak. they say that's one reason it no longer dices tomatoes in its restaurants. they are still uncertain what caused the e. coli outbreaks. ahead where a blizzard warning is in effect along the east coast. >> and a super fast way to
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five hours from now the very first votes will be cast 9news political reporter brandon rittiman shows us the last minute scramble to win votes for candidates from both parties. >> reporter: if you believe the polls, then new hampshire is donald trump's to lose. he's polling 17 points ahead of marco rubio who is in a third- way race for second with ted cruz and kasich. donald trump has a lot to prove placing second in iowa unable to turn all this support pollsters found into people turning out it actually vote for him. instead of focusing on the three gentlemen next to him on the screen, he's focused on the
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>> he's a total stiff jeb bush. he's like a spoiled child. >> trump, just one word. >> loser. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: many gop candidates are focused on the next states. trump homes to show them he's not go -- hopes to show them he's not going anywhere. on the democratic side of the race hillary clinton has a little over 49%, almost 13 points behind bernie sanders who is from next-door in vermont. clinton has been trying to cast doubt on sanders' qualifications. >> there really isn't any kind of foreign policy network that senator sanders. >> that's the same argument used against barack obama, now. >> reporter: sanders did try to reach beyond new england on saturday night live. >> sounds like socialism to me. >> democratic socialism. >> reporter: he'll need to beef up his support in the next states to keep up a serious challenge against clinton. brandon rittiman, 9news. >> after new hampshire voters
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will weigh in. colorado's caucuses are march 1st. a blizzard warning is in effect for southeast massachusetts, up to 14 inches of snow is forecast for the region with winds expected to gust over 60 miles an hour, rough surf already washing out dunes along the coast and streets. utility crews are reporting power. the blizzard conditions are expected to continue into tomorrow. an engineering team from cu denver is in an elite group, part of a design competition for a new form of transportation. it is called the hyper loop and it's similar to a high speed train only much faster and as 9news reporter maya rodriguez tells us, it got the backing of spacex founder elon musk. >> reporter: it's called the fifth mode of transportation. >> it's a completely new way of traveling. >> reporter: that's the idea behind the hyper loop, a transport system made up of pods traveling at extremely
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it's a concept first proposed by spacex and tesla founder elon musk. >> this is our spacex concept. >> reporter: this is the design the cu denver team called to taper links came up with to make the -- called hyper links came up with to make the hyper loop a reality. the cu denver team recently returned from texas where elon musk recently held a competition for the hyper loop. >> that is probably the defining moment in my engineering career so far, being able to work on something that's completely new. completed. the cu denver team is one of 23 chosen to build a half scale model of their design at spacex headquarters in california this summer. >> the ultimate goal is to get them near the speed of sound which is about 750 miles an hour. >> reporter: a speed they say would make it possible to live in one city like los angeles and commute to work in a different far away city like san francisco. >> we imagine this will change transmit as well as kind of where people choose to dwell.
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will push the boundaries of reality when it comes to the way we move. maya rodriguez, 9news. >> pretty cool. the cu denver team plans to travel to california in july and are getting ready to build a larger scale model for their design. for more information on what they're doing and how to help, you can go to peyton manning set several record sunday night too to deal with his age. the 39-year-old is the oldest to start in a super bowl and to win one. he spoke with matt lauer on the today show this morning. manning said old has not made a decision -- he has not made a decision about his football career and will follow the advice of his former coach tony dungy. >> he said do me a favor. take some time. get away with your family. reflect on what's occurred this past season, what's occurred in this super bowl and take some time and make a calmer decision.
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i'm going to enjoy this super bowl victory and celebrate with my family and friends and keep doing it for a few more weeks. >> he also talked about his chat with cam newton after the game. he said cam was extremely humble, congratulated him and wished him the best. >> peyton told the today show, they said he was up very early this morning to talk to them and he said no, i'm up very late. >> he hadn't gone to bed yet. the dominant weather pattern for denver this week looks mostly warm and dry. >> how many days will it take to melt all the snow from this
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not a heatwave yet, but i'm waiting. >> my fingers crossed. >> the car washes as always, kathy, are full. there's a lot of melting going on. i keep being greedy looking ahead to that 60-degree day you've been teasing us with. >> i actually added another 60- degree day because i like to keep you guys happy. we need our 9news main anchors happy like happy anchors happy newsroom like happy mom. you know that. it's so nice in the 9news backyard tonight. we welcomed our denver broncos back with just about a picture perfect day here in february in colorado and still looking good
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a few high thin clouds around the area, wind not much of a player. we've got an even better day tomorrow with temperatures in the mid-40s to start in the morning and mid-50s for the victory rally and parade in the afternoon. spectacular sunset out there tonight. if you capture a great picture, do send that in. it looks like the roads are dry for you and good visibility, something we'll enjoy most of this week. check this out. 45 our high downtown, but at dia only 39. we're just on the fringe of kind of an easterly push of cold air and look at the temperatures to the east of us again just on the outside fringe of a push of arctic air that is going to miss colorado this week. i think you're happy to hear that. almost 40 at the airport this hour, winds southeast at 8, but here in the backyard outside the studios winds are calm, just about 40 degrees here, no heavy jacket yet, but of course that will probably change before too long. now on the colorado radar, not a lot to show you, so we'll go north and east.
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in the midwest prompting travel advisories here. outside omaha things are starting to calm down, advisories from knoxville into washington, new york, wind and snow impacting travel. as the flow circulates in the midwest, it's pulling in some cold arctic air around the outer fringe of it. so really the heavy weather will be off east of us as we see a ridge of high pressure with it setting up over the area keeping the storm track to our north. so we're seeing all of that moisture go up and over the top of the ridge digging into the south. this is where that push of cold air is coming through but also the best chance of heavy precipitation and travel that will be impacted from the carolinas back to the northeast. colorado, we are enjoying a beautiful weather pattern shaping up, l.a. 85 tomorrow, 84 in phoenix, 54 in denver, look at how cold it is around bismarck, omaha and minneapolis. high clouds around the area tonight, then skies clearing. temperatures will be chilly.
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afternoon, really a beautiful tuesday, overnight lows in the mid-20s for lower elevations, single digits and teens in the high country. 60s tomorrow down south, mid- 50s in denver and we've got 60s coming into our city wednesday afternoon. 50 in bailey, a high of 40 with sunshine in grand lake. let the melting begin. city forecast tonight fair skies, light winds, cool, low 25, sun-up tomorrow is 7 a.m., beautiful start to the day, 25, 50 by lunchtime, mid-50s by 4 p.m. 54 is our high temperature tomorrow. we move into the low 60s wednesday. a dry front knocks our number down a couple degrees thursday, another one friday. 61 now on saturday ahead of another front and maybe a chance for some flurries sunday night into monday. sunday is, of course, valentine's day. hey, up in steamboat springs i love that ski town. this is skiing cowboy style. don't try this at home.
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a two components on the nasdaq facebook and amazon bringing it down almost 20%
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hi, super bowl's most valuable player von miller woke up a free agent this morning. miller posed with nfl commissioner roger goodell and the mvp trophy this morning. he'll likely demand the biggest contract in any player in team history. they'll buy team if necessary by using the franchise tag. >> it's truly a blessing.
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the 10% you just got to roll with it. i'll roll with the 10%, staying consistent and here we are today. >> miller got the trophy and a new car, but quarterback peyton manning received the most prestigious invitation in all of sports. [ cheering and applause ] >> i'm going to disneyland! manning was treated to a special super bowl championship parade down main street usa. peyton was joined by mickey, minnie, pluto, martin and mosley, the last two his kids. >> the fact i get to come almost 10 years later and have my kids here with me in napa raid and ashley is riding space mountain right now. so that tells you what fans we are of the disneyland experience. so i'm proud to finally say i'm a part of it. >> you probably think you watched the super bowl, but you really haven't until you've seen it through the field level camera lenses of the 9news
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dave logan's radio call. >> reporter: as we are getting set for super bowl 50. >> we planned all day. >> give me two. >> let's go, baby. >> reporter: super bowl 50 is underway. the opening drive of the game, so the broncos on the board first. >> reporter: a good start for the broncos, pressure here, four-man rush, newton to the pocket. he's hit and sacked. the ball is free. denver's got it. touchdown denver! >> reporter: what a start. this is the first time the carolina panthers have been behind this postseason. >> reporter: the 73-yard touchdown drive to get back into this game. jordan norwood makes the catch. he didn't signal fair catch. panthers quit on the play. >> reporter: here we go. norwood down the sideline 30, 25, 20. >> reporter: mcmanis pounds it through the uprights. >> reporter: down he goes.
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brandon mcmanis continues to be perfect. they just expect that defense to go out and get the job done. into and out of the hands intercepted by tj ward. it is good. once again denver defense is going to be on the field with the game on the line. >> reporter: the ball is knocked out of his hands. it bounces around. i think denver has it. tj ward's got the ball! >> reporter: left guard into kuechly, second effort to the goal line touchdown denver! >> reporter: denver broncos are world champions. they have just won super bowl 50! >> but this one's for pat! >> told you. strange but drew. the broncos won the super bowl despite four big mistakes from
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everybody saw talib get flagged three times for penalties, taunting, facemasking and offsides, but you may have missed the arrival after the game. >> okay. >> that's what i'm talking about. talib slips up four times but makes a fabulous recovery. >> i thought maybe he hit his head. >> it was scary a second, but he got up. >> it's all good, baby. peyton manning and von miller kept their feet all day and that's why the broncos are world churches. >> thanks, drew.
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